So, you’ve heard about winning money, and those lucky people who bet 50p and take home £1k right? Sounds fun, but you have no idea how to do it? Lets be honest, when you first load up a betting website it can be rather daunting, but I’ll try and make it a little easier to dip your toes and start joining in on the fun!

First of all you’ll need to join up with a betting website or 5, please see my FREE BETS section for all the current offers. My personal favourite and indeed favoured by many is BET365. The reasons for this are many, not only do they have a great selection of sports, massive amounts of bet types, and great In-Play features, but they also have one of the largest selection of live sports streams from any bookmaker sites globally. Not to mention they’ll match you up to £200 on signing up!

So you’ve signed up to a site and want to start the fun? Deposit according to the offers available and start slow. Do a nice easy single bet and start getting used to the way it works. Need a tip, please check my twitter feed @footbet_uk

But wait! Whats this fractions and decimals thing? 1/2? 16/4? 2.5? Read on…


Probably the most confusing thing about betting is the mixture of fractions and decimals on betting websites. Most sites allow you to change the view the way you prefer, the default is usually fractions but for me, I prefer decimals for easy calulating in my head, each to their own!

Fractional odds such as 5/1 mean just that in standard maths. Divide the first number by the second number, then multiply that with the amount you will bet, eg £5 at 5/1 would return £30. HOLD ON A MINUTE! 5/1x5 = 25! Well, you also get your initial stake back, good eh!

Decimal odds are a bit easier on the eye as you simply multiply your stake by that number to get the return, so in the example above 5/1 would be 6.0 so 5x6 = £30

Just take a look at the top of the site usually and choose your preference



Ok, you’ve got your account, got money in the website, understand odds, now to make profit! Singles are the easiest type of bet, simply select a sport of choice (football of course!) Choose a day/game by playing around with the various views until you find your preference and really take a good look at all the types of bets you can place. BET365 has siimply thousands of types of bets, but perhaps just go for something like win/draw/lose. Sometimes this will be displayed as 1 X 2 where 1 is the home team, X is a draw and 2 is the away team.

£10 on Arsenal = £23.75
£10 on the Draw = £34
£10 on Man City = £29

Click on your preference to select and take the bet into the Bet Slip, the more bets you click on the more options become available.

You can also choose things such as Double Chance which means you are betting on two out of the three outcomes for safety but lesser payback, Half Time/Full Time which means what will be the result at the end of each half (greater payback) and Correct Scores (high odds as quite hard to be that accurate but potential for big money!)

Goals Over/Under is a slightly unusual way to depict the bet, but the typical would be Over/Under 2.5 goals (other options are available). What this means is your bet wins if you bet over and 3 or more are scored, or under and 2 or less are scored. This is a great bet type to choose especially for multiple selections if you think you know a few good goalscoring games.

Asian Lines and Goal Lines are another type of popular bet. Asian lines is handicap betting, if there is a  favoured team they would have a minus handicap so to win they’d need to win by more than the number of goals you chose. The unfavoured team would need to overcome the +goals handicap ontop of their actual score. Goal Line is similar to Overs/Unders, however the biggest difference with both of these types of bet is if the score equals the handicap you get a refund of your stake. Confused? Time for a table!

Asian Lines

If you choose ‘Half Line’ asian lines those are 0.5, 1.5 etc and that means you will not get a void bet and refund (odds are therefore better). Split Lines are for example 0.5, 1.0 so basically half your bet is split on the first option, half goes to the 2nd option.

Goal Line example Chelsea 2.0 and they score 1 = lose, score 2 = refund, score 3 = win. Halfs such as 0.5 goal line again removes the refund bet option.

CONFUSED?! Hit me up on twitter and ask!

Multiple Bets

Here comes the big money! Basically each bet multiplies by the odds of the other bets in the multiple selection.

If you place a figure in the Singles section it adds that amount to each outcome. Bet on the Doubles section in the example above it will do three bets using each permutation (so 3 different bets) and Trebles will rely on all three results coming in to win. The more selections you make, the more the odds increase, and this is how you bet small and win big.

Lucky 15 - This type of special bet is for 4 outcomes, it is 15 bets in various combinations - 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 quadruple. I’ll go into a good betting tactic to use with this type in the TACTICS section.

Yankee/Heinz/Goliath - These are all for varying numbers of outcomes with different permutations, Yankee puts on 11 bets from 4 outcomes, Heinz is 57 from 6 and Goliath is 247 from 8.


Evens doubling up strategy

This is not for the feint of heart! Basically, choose any odds of evens, ie 1/1 or 2.00. Start very low for example £1 and if you win you’ve made 100% profit as you get £2 back. Lose and you have to repeat but double your stake. Find another bet at 1/1 or 2.00 and bet £2 for £4 return. The reason for doubling is to make back the £1 and £2 lost, but profit is then just 33%. If you lose again, chose another evens bet and put £4 on to win £8. Law of averages says you will eventually win, but the longer it takes the less profit you make, and doubling up really can get into scary amounts before you know it!

Lucky 15 ‘Lotto’ strategy

As mentioned before, the Lucky 15 on 4 outcomes places 15 different bets on your 4 selections, so, in order to get a nice big pot of money choose 4 outcomes of around 16/1 or 17.0. Bet £0.10 which will be multiplied by 15 (£1.50) so cheaper than a Lotto ticket! This gives you over £10,000 if all 4 come in! Of course, this would rarely happen, but by choosing 16/1’s you’ll at least make your money back if one result comes in, and you’ve better odds than the Lotto after all…

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